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In Bed with Dr B and Ted is making significant waves on the air. They attribute their success to a unique blend of "infotainment" — skillfully combining sex and relationship education with entertainment in a light and open-minded atmosphere. Dr. Brandon, a certified sex therapist, and Ted Wright are radio's first male/female duo offering a talk show for the not-shy crowd seeking to enhance their romantic relationships and spice up their sex lives. They pride themselves in offering "sound, real life solutions that work". Listeners are given the unique opportunity to call in with the questions they always wanted to know, but never had the chance to ask, in a totally anonymous, safe format. The In Bed with Dr B and Ted show breaks the mold of the current "shame-based" advice climate. Dr. Brandon makes cutting edge research on relationships and intimacy accessible for the general public — advice that the people are clearly starving for. Consider the stats:

Dr. B and Ted are here to help!!
Our culture is obsessed with sex, but our general knowledge of human sexuality is rudimentary at best. So many people struggle in shame and silence with sexual concerns. No where are we taught how to be good lovers — both emotionally and sexually. But loving well is a learned skill — it's not innate, and most of us aren't born with it. Dr. B and Ted teach their listeners how to improve their skills as fabulous lovers and intimate partners. Knowledge is power — especially self-knowledge. The more people understand about themselves, the more effective they will be both in and out of the bedroom. Dr. B and Ted's primary goal is to empower women and men in their intimate lives.

About Us

Dr. Marianne Brandon is a clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist with over 15 years experience treating patients. She is co-author of Reclaiming Desire: 4 Keys for finding Your Lost Libido published by Rodale. She is President of Wellminds Wellbodies LLC in Annapolis, Maryland. Ted Wright is a self-proclaimed "Sex Connoisseur".